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If you’d love to provide more help to the parents of overweight or obese children, read on.

Dr Gary Leong

As a paediatric endocrinologist I have treated hundreds of children and families at public and private clinics in Sydney and Brisbane, and delivered educational and keynote talks to medical professionals in Australia and internationally.

My single driving passion is to provide families with practical ways to break the transgenerational cycle of obesity so they can enjoy happier and healthier lives.Without a change in the way we approach the management of children and families with obesity more and more of our patients will develop chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and liver disease and major mental illnesses. I have discovered through my clinical and educational work that it is so important that the emotional, mental and socio-cultural aspects of the disease be considered as this affects how parents teach and lead their children how to live healthy and active lives. A holistic approach is essential.

I urge you to join me in the fight against obesity and type 2 diabetes. Here's some practical ways I can help you do that.

Get your Copy of ‘Ride to Life’

My book is a no-nonsense program for families who wish to break the cycle of obesity and connect to a happier healthier life. The book outlines a potentially life changing program and is a great tool to help encourage patients to take an honest approach to making changes for them and their family. I’ve found this holistic approach has been encouraging and achieved some great results, that you will read about in the book. As a medical professional I can offer a 50% discount on the RRP, so you can review it for yourself, and recommend it to your patients.

Ride to Life eBook
Diabetes in children

Pre-register for my educational series

I’ve been working on a series of educational videos for medical professionals, where I share advanced details of my clinical work with childhood obesity and diabetes.

If you’re interested in learning more so you can help more patients, I invite you to pre-register your interest, and I’ll let you know when the series is ready. I hope to work with as many medical colleagues as possible so that together we can bring about positive changes and reduce the alarming growth in obesity and diabetes.