Useful Resources

Here’s some resources which you will find helpful for learning more, and for making positive changes to your family’s routines and habits.

Kids Health

Healthy eating quiz

by Professor Clare Collins at the University of Newcastle

Find out how healthy your current eating habits are as a family. Learn how making some small changes can boost your family’s health and well-being.

The lunch box effect

Inspiring online program and book “The Lunchbox Effect” from Mum and Child health advocate Bel Smith at the Root Cause.

Weight loss for kids
Kids Health

Swap it from Glycaemic Index Foundation

This site is very helpful if there is a history of Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance/PCOS or heart disease in your family. Full of great advice and help on finding lower GI foods.

Healthy cooking lessons

Inexpensive and fun online cooking lessons for kids and parents, from Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food and The Good Foundation.

the good foundation
Kids Health

FoodSwitch App

This clever app gives you the simple health information on a scanned product and suggests healthier choices for different brands at the supermarket. Very useful and educational.

Raising Healthy Minds App

Raising Healthy Minds is a free app you can tailor to your child, family and interests. It answers your questions about child wellbeing and shares practical tips for your day-to-day family life.

Kids Health
nsw govt resources

Healthy lifestyle resources

A wide range of family healthy lifestyle resources, translated into many different languages from Western Sydney Local Health District.