Guest speaker

Invite Dr Gary Leong to speak at your next event

In addition to being in high demand for his professional knowledge and skills, Dr Gary Leong is a sought-after speaker for conferences and events. His key message for professionals and patients is consistent: healing and recovery from obesity is the responsibility of the individual, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. It requires a team effort between parents and carers, children, and the medical and auxiliary professionals who are part of the journey towards a healthier and happier life.

Popular topics Gary speaks on include:

  • The role of parents in a child’s recovery from obesity
  • How medical professionals can facilitate a child’s recovery from obesity
  • How parents and carers can navigate the recovery journey without losing their minds
  • Practical steps to recovery for parents, children and professionals
  • Why addressing obesity is important for the health of the planet

Each can be delivered as a keynote address (45–60 min), or a breakout session or discussion group exercise (30–90 min) at your conference or training event. For more on Gary’s fees, range of topics and availability,